Gta 1 - первая часть серии ГТА. О ней многие забыли, но так же есть и те, кто до сих пор в нее играет. Купить в магазине диск с игрой по цене 400 рублей. Доставка по всей России с помощью почты. Чем больше заказов, тем больше скидок и бонусов вы сможете получить. Гта - игра, в которой есть машины, проститутки, секс, пушки и перестрелки в районах. Купите эту старую игру и получите удовольствие.

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If you can not imagine your life without a personal speed, then welcome to the reckless game "GTA 1: The life of a gangster." You are a legend of the criminal world and looks at you the whole country. You do not honor the law, since at the time were convinced that it is possible to get rich quickly if crossed the line of what is permitted. Immerse yourself in the classic GTA 1 and GTA 2 and feel the whole drive of the distance missions. GTA 5 video watch for free.

Beautiful maneuverable cars - it's your weakness, and you will not have mercy on those who come across your path. Everyone who's stopping you, bathed in his own blood. Let cruel, but you can not fail the mission and bring his players. You are the most dangerous criminal, who aspires to glory. You can enjoy a free ride. This mode will be available to you when you reach certain results. Also, if you want to know the passing game, we recommend you to play our other games. Longest Car Mod is here.

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